Pheasant shooting

Common pheasant – hunting time from 16th October till 31st January

Pheasant shooting takes place in 12 hunts in a rugged terrain with numerous hills and ravines. This type of hunt and the high quality of birds will satisfy the most demanding hunters who prefer shooting at high-flying pheasants.

The average daily take is between 500 and 1,500 birds.

lov na bažanta bohatý výřed

Pheasant shooting parties are arranged in groups of 6 to 12 hunters where we can guarantee the quality of individual shooting experience for each hunter. The parties are organized in observance of the old hunting traditions, including display of the shot pheasants and sounding the hunt horns.

Particularly popular are two-day hunting events combining pheasant hunting and wild boar or deer hunting.

During the hunting day we provide traditional catering located in the hunting ground. After the hunt there is a rich traditional reception prepared in our hunting hut within the hunting ground. The hut offers a pleasant environment, perfect for sharing the experiences of the hunting day.